The Iconic Chain Bridge of Budapest Raided by Guerillas a savage civil movement, carried out at 7:30 am this morning a spectacular awareness campaign, in the heart of Budapest, on the chain bridge.

The initiative, which became famous internationally as the campaign, is now — growing explosively— approaching affirmation on the European political and cultural scene.

The aim of the campaign is to draw the attention of the Hungarian and European public and the press to the hardships that European minorities face. Time is running out: the deadline is Saturday, November 7 at midnight.

“If the internet is with us, who is against us…” said László Pesty, the chief of the campaign, founder of

Proponents of the Sekler’s cause, proved this spring, that inhabitants of the Carpathian Basin, regardless of their political, racial or religious affiliation, were ready to join for the petition. Thirty years after the regime change, national unity in mutual trust has been proven. Liberals, conservatives and independents, actors, athletes and politicians have signed all as one. All for the freedom of diversity.



Sign It Europe

Our civil movement wants to help European minority nations to access EU funds directly, to preserve the ethnic diversity of Europe.